Speaker Profile

Heather Mills

Heather Mills is a businesswomen, activist and founder of VBites. After a devastating motorcycle accident in 1993, Heather found veganism as an incredible remedy for a severe infection which nearly resulted in her losing her knee as well as her lower left leg. The remarkable recovery Heather experienced became the start of a new journey for her, with successes with VBites and opening a restaurant, to winning gold medals as an Alpine skier.

Heather will be a big supporter of Thrive Show and stated:

‘We are delighted to be supporting the Thrive team with their new show.  For many years, the vegan market has been an ‘also-ran’, which wasn’t taken seriously.  Finally, attitudes and trends are changing – the time is right for the show and we hope that it will prove to be a fantastic demonstration of the incredible quality and diversity of today’s vegan offerings.’