The Team

Combining experience in both exhibitions and vegan advocacy, The Thrive Show team will deliver a world class plant-based show.

We can chat for hours about the brilliance of plant-based eating. In fact, we’ve convinced over 100,000 people online to give it a try. Now it’s time to talk face to face. To combine our exhibition know-how with our favourite topic of conversation. We’ve survived and thrived on eating plants for 8+ years. Let us share with you over two days just how tasty, healthy and ethical this way of eating can be. The Thrive Show – it’s about you, not us.
Matthew Glover
Managing Director
Matthew specialises in two very diverse things: windows and veganism. Following in the family trade, Matthew began his business career in the double-glazing sector and later launched the window industry’s exhibition trade show. In his other life, he advocates for veganism and co-founded the online campaign Veganuary
Jane Land
Jane’s life as an English teacher changed the day she met Matthew Glover. She went from veggie to vegan and swapped her Shakespeare texts for the Animal Activist Handbook. On a mission to reduce animal suffering, they founded Veganuary – a charity that encourages 1000s of people to try vegan for January. In celebration of their third wedding anniversary, they decided to launch the Thrive Show. They are an unconventional couple. 
Emily Nelson
Emily is happy she gets to sell veganism for a living! Driven by her love of our planet and her rescued sheep Pretzel, she wants to inspire others to do what’s kindest for people’s health, our environment and the animals. When she’s not encouraging others to promote their plant-based products, Emily can be found with her head in a book, and her hand clasped around a gin and tonic (yes gin is vegan!)
Nickie West
Operations Manager
Nickie has over 20 years’ experience in the exhibition industry and is skilled in event management – she knows how to get stuff done! Her cool, calm, and collected qualities can be attributed to her extensive experience and her love of red wine. Matthew and Nickie have worked together for over four years on the awarding-winning FIT Show.
Doe Holden
Client Services Manager
Doe has a love of numbers and spreadsheets. She’s most often heard saying: ‘have you got a receipt for that?’ and is immaculately organised and has an obsessive eye for detail. Doe is responsible for the accounts and general administration of the Thrive Show. Matthew and Doe have worked together for over four years on the awarding-winning FIT Show.