Thrive Show Information

Will there be non-vegan businesses exhibiting?
All the products on display at Thrive Show will be entirely plant-based (vegan).

Some businesses exhibiting may sell non-vegan products outside of the show. Our view is that to expand the range of plant-based products and services, we should positively engage and encourage these businesses to attend. These companies are actively contributing to the plant-based community in some way by making veganism easier/adding to the wealth of plant-based products now appearing on the market. Having a presence at the show and interacting with a thriving plant-loving audience highlights to them a demand for these products.  
Will I be able to attend the show if my clothes/footwear are not vegan?
Yes! We welcome everyone with open arms to Thrive Show. And when you arrive, you’ll be delighted to discover a range of good-quality and stylish plant-based clothing suppliers.
Will there be gluten-free suppliers at The Thrive Show?
Yes, and we’ll be creating a gluten-free trail on the floorplan to make it super easy for you to find suppliers of gluten-free products.
Will all the speakers be vegan?
Not necessarily. All our speakers will be advocates of a plant-based diet and interested in exploring ways to dramatically reduce the impact of animal agriculture on our environment, human health and the suffering of animals.
Are dogs permitted at the show?
Unfortunately dogs are not permitted; only assistance animals are allowed at the show.
Will there be food for sale at the Thrive Show?
Yes! There'll be some much plant-based food on offer you'll be spoilt for choice.
How do I volunteer to help?
Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer! You can register to help via our Contact page.
How much is the parking fee?
The NEC charge £12 per car for parking, which includes a free shuttle to the exhibition halls.
How can I become a sponsor?
Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor! You can register to help via our Contact page.